Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops


Theme autumn 2017. Information is coming soon.


Previous themes in the creative workshop

March 19 - May 18
Swedish Picture Book of the Year
The picture book is an art form that speaks to all ages. The    Snöbollen(Snowball) award for the best Swedish picture book of the year recognises the picture book as an artistic medium.
The winner is announced in March each year at Littfest, Umeå's international literature festival. In conjunction with Littfest, the book is being showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet. During the same period, we will work with the picture book as a theme in our creative workshop, which is open to all ages.

January 10 - March 12 
Perceptual Uncertainty
An exhibition of contemporary art in the nuclear anthropocene exploring the complexity of knowledge and the deep time of radiation. The exhibition brings together international artists from across Europe, the USA and Japan, investigating nuclear aesthetics through the material sensing of nuclear sites and experiences. In the workshop area we're inspired by thoughts and ideas conveyed in the exhibition and express them creatively.

10 september - 1 oktober 
Room for performance
In  Room for performance visitors can experience many different performances - playful improvisations, poetic readings, close examinations and physically challenging acts - by around twenty international and Swedish artists. During the weekends we transform the Creative Workshop into Mission Agency- a place where you can participate, contribute and experiment with performance. 

April 23-June 12 
Charles and Ray Eames design
The American couple Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential designers from the 20th century. Enthusiastically and tirelessly, the duo experimented with numerous topics, ranging from photography, film, architecture and exhibition production to furniture and product design. In the workshop area we're inspired by the exhibition and explore what design can be.


March 19-April 17 
The picture book in the workshop area
In the workshop area, we're inspired by the winner of this year's Swedish picture book. Every year during Littfest, Umeå's international literary festival, the winner of the Snowball award is publicised. The original images from the awarded book are presented in an exhibition at Bildmuseet.


January 30 - March 13
The world was flat
The world was flat, now it's round and it will be a hologram. The exhibition The World was flat display contemporary art exploring ideas of how we perceive of time and space. The artworks are also about the human desire for order and logical explanations of phenomena. In the workshop area we're inspired by thoughts and ideas conveyed in the exhibition and express them creatively.


December 19, 2015 -10 January, 2016
Light and movement
Inspired by the exhibition Julio Le Parc / Lumière, the theme in the workshop area is light and movement. From 19 December 2015 to 10 January 2016 the workshop area is unmanned but open for your own creative work. Guided by the "discovery tour" children and adults are welcome to explore together Bildmuseet's exhibitions.

The workshop area is open every Saturday and Sunday 12-16 and on Tuesday-Friday 12-16 during the winter holiday and Easter holidays.

5 September - 1 November
Collaborative drawing
In the workshop we find inspiration from the materials and techniques used in the exhibition Mien Meo Mieng - Contemporary Art from Vietnam and will make collaborative drawings in various formats.


27 - 30 October
Autumn break at Bildmuseet
(During the autumn break week 44, we have extended opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 12 - 16


 Find inspiration in the exhibition Mien Meo Mieng - Contemporary Art from Vietnam! We let the artworks in the exhibition inspire us and invite you to paint and draw large or small scale in the workshop, either on your own or in collaboration with others.


Please note that groups of children from preschool and after school activities are asked to book in advance.


3 - 26 November
Moving images
In Bildmuseet's Flexhall the video installation titled Vertigo Sea by artist John Akomfrah is on display. In the workshop we work with moving images and find inspiration in nature and in the surrounding areas of the museum.


24 November - 17 December
Light in movement
Explore light and reflection! Assisted by reflecting materials and simple motors, the works by artist Julio Le Parc challenges our perception of the surrounding world. Join us in transforming the workshop assisted by light, shadow and movement

14 March-12 April, 2015
Contemporary Cuban Art
The exhibition The Spaces Between - Contemporary Art from Havana reflects upon the development of art in Cuba over the past 20 years. The works in the exhibition tells us about life in Cuba and about the changes that have taken place in the country. In the Creative workshop we currently focus on posters as a way to convey messages. With the use of colour, shape and text you'll have the opportunity to convey something you feel is important.

During the Easter school holiday the creative workshop holds additional opening hours from Tue-Fri between 12-16.

10 March -13 May, 2015
Picture book theme at Bildmuseet
At the creative workshop we are inspired by the exhibition of this year's Swedish picture book. Under the leadership of Bildmuseet's art educators visitors are invited to take part.

January 17-March 9 (+ winter school holiday), 2014
Reflections with Thilo Frank
In the creative workshop, we examine reflections of various kinds. Inspired by Thilo Frank's mirror installation The Phoenix is closer than it Appear.

1 February-9 March (+ winter school holiday), 2014
Leonor Fini's surrealist world
Inspired by the exhibition Leonor Fini / Pourquoi pas? we focus on the artist's interest in animals, dreams and myths. Join us in making masks and taking on different characters in order to create unexpected encounters between fantasy and reality.

March 15-May 4 (+ Easter holiday), 2014
Picture book at Bildmuseet
Fold your own simple book! Picture book theme in the bookmaking workshop for all ages. Inspired by the Swedish picture book of the year.

10 May-8 June, 2014
Contemporary self-portrait
An exhibition including photography, sculpture, collages and slide shows on the theme of self-portraits, is on display in the creative workshop and on the Balcony. The exhibition is the result of workshops that have been held at five different locations in Europe. We are inspired by different methods of self-portraits, individually and in groups.

8 June-30 August, 2014
Right Is Wrong
Come along and try out calligraphy. We are inspired by Chinese art in the exhibition Right Is Wrong. An arts educator will assist visitors in the creative workshop on Saturday and Sunday 12-17. The creative workshop remains open but is unmanned during weekdays.

13 September-12 October, 2014
Print on paper
Inspired by Chinese art in the exhibition Right Is Wrong

Additional program on Saturday, September 13, 2014
Make your own stamp in FabLab, print on paper in the creative workshop!
In collaboration with FabLab at Sliperiet, Arts Campus

18 October-2 November, 2014
Be creative with food
Animation on iPads, collage and sculpture.
Inspired by the exhibition Geir Tore Holm / Fughetta


November 3, 2014 - January 11, 2015
Weaving with surprising materials
Inspired by the exhibition Campanas / Woods, we offer a workshop focusing on weave and design. Materials gathered from nature and from traditional weaving including fabrics, yarns and threads are being used along with e-waste such as electrical cords and videotapes. There is also a communal weave created by our visitors. Welcome to add your contribution to the weave!

During the Christmas holidays the creative workshop is staffed on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-16. On other days it is also possible to enjoy creative activities as the workshop stays open but is unmanned.

January 17 to March 8, 2015
Experiment with invisible powers
In the creative workshop we examine conditions and phenomena that surrounds us in everyday life but that remain invisible to the naked eye. We are inspired by the exhibition A Draft of Shadows by the Canadian-Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer who works with for instance robotic lights and motion sensors. As a visitor you are a co-creator; leaving traces in the artworks with the help of your heartbeat and bodily movements.

During the winter school holiday the creative workshop holds additional opening hours from Tue-Fri between 12-16.