Digital School Programmes

Bildmuseet is temporarily closed, but teachers are still welcome to book digital visit for their students. Despite the new format, the school programmes are, as always, inspired by themes and techniques in our exhibitions and led by art pedagogues.

Two alternatives for Digital School Programmes

As a teacher you are welcome to book a digital guided tour (about 1 hour) or a digital guided tour combined with a creative assignment in your own class room. In the latter case, Bildmuseet's art pedagogue will present suggestions on assignments to follow out with your students, inspired by themes and techniques in the exhibitions.

Bookable times for school visits are Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 16:00. To enquire, please fill out this Booking Enquirery Form at least two weeks in advance. We will check that the time is free and get back to you with a confirmation with within a week.

Digital School Visits Autumn 2020

Faith Ringgold
During the autumn term, the school program focuses on Faith Ringgold's acclaimed exhibition with connections to art history as well as African American history and highly topical societal events. Since the 1960's, the Afro-American artist, author and activist has challenged injustices and raised issues of identity, inspired by the American civil rights movement and feminism. In the school program, we will visit the exhibition digitally. After the tour, you can choose to follow out a creative assignment together, inspired by Ringgold's oeuvre.

Digital School Visits Spring 2021 (12 Jan - 12 March)

Ground Control
In this exhibition, six contemporary artists explore various connections between plants, politics and history. Trade, the building of empires, and globalisation have led to seeds and plants moving among continents and leaving traces in nature, language and knowledge. How can we through botany understand questions about power, the future and the role of humans in the living world? Inspired by the Ground Control exhibition, you can after the tour choose to follow out a creative assignment together.