Press releases 2008

[2008-01-14] Urban Concerns at Bildmuseet

[2008-01-29] Discovery tours in the universe of photography

[2008-01-29] Suggestive cinematic fantasy about an island adrift

[2008-03-03] Mella Jaarsma depicts Urban Concerns

[2008-03-20] Sara Lidman Day at Bildmuseet

[2008-04-22] Threats and Security in the city

[2008-04-29] Fine Arts graduation exhibitions fills Bildmuseet

[2008-05-22] The world in Bildmuseet and Bildmuseet in the world

[2008-05-29] Nomad culture in one of Bildmuseets Summer exhibitions

[2008-05-29] Installation by Jewyo Rhii at Bildmuseet this Summer

[2008-05-29] Bildmuseet presents Jean-François Boclé

[2008-08-28] The Gendered City / Actions and conversations in a park

[2008-08-28] Amy Franceschini / Nearest Nature

[2008-09-17] Meet Jean-François Boclé at Bildmuseet

[2008-09-26] Bildmuseet receives new grants by Framtidens kultur

[2008-10-03] The Map, a new exhibition at Bildmuseet