Press releases 2009

[2009-01-28] French artist duo lecture at Bildmuseet

[2009-02-02] Major finale of The Map exhibition

[2009-02-11] Florian Zeyfang / Slow Narration Moving Still

[2009-02-12] Magnus Bard / Drawings of the Contemporary

[2009-02-12] Britta Marakatt-Labba / Cosmos

[2009-04-29] Light Club - Bachelor class exhibition in Fine Arts

[2009-04-29] It's About Time - Master class exhibition in Fine Arts

[2009-05-04] Mapping of the most influential media in our time

[2009-05-04] The Bildmuseet exhibition "The Map" opens at Konsthall C

[2009-05-29] Oscar Muñoz - Poetic on human vulnerability

[2009-05-29] Embroidery and computer code in exhibition at Bildmuseet

[2009-09-23] Maria Miesenberger exhibits at Bildmuseet

[2009-11-09] Dance Performance on getting lost in geometry

[2009-12-11] Lost and Found, a major exhibition this Spring