Press releases 2010

[2010-01-18] Lost and Found / Queerying the Archive

[2010-03-15] Find out who you would be in a beard

[2010-03-24] An afternoon about Sara Lidman at Bildmuseet

[2010-04-19] Lost and Found ends with major seminar

[2010-04-20] Jan-Erik Lundström leaves Bildmuseet

[2010-04-22] Master and Bachelor class exhibitions in Fine Arts 2010

[2010-04-22] Umeå Academy of Fine Arts fills the museum

[2010-05-25] Bildmuseet opens the summer exhibitions

[2010-05-25] Pia Arke / Tupilakosaurus

[2010-06-06] Child's thoughts become an exhibition at Bildmuseet

[2010-06-22] Lars Nittve becomes Artistic advisor at Bildmuseet

[2010-09-09] Zineb Sedira / Under the Sky and Over the Sea

[2010-11-11] Three new exhibitions at Bildmuseet

[2010-11-11] Anneli Furmark / Mindmap

[2010-11-11] Sara Jordenö / Diamond People - Instructions for a Film

[2010-11-11] Ingo Vetter & Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop / Motor Show

[2010-12-14] Exhibition of the new Bildmuseet at Umeå Arts Campus