Press releases 2011

[2011-01-24] Bokrelease: The Camera Hunter - Stig Weslén, Nature and the Sámi

[2011-02-01] See Chemisty at Bildmuseet

[2011-02-02] Walid Raad / Miraculous Beginnings

[2011-02-16] Opening at Bildmuseet at Saturday 19 January

[2011-02-21] Reinterpretation of shari'a in defense of civil liberties

[2011-03-02] Children creates molecules at Bildmuseet

[2011-03-17] More Chemistry at Bildmuseet on Sunday

[2011-04-11] Last weeks of the Walid Raad Exhibition

[2011-04-28] Master class exhibition from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

[2011-04-28] Gallery Carlsson-Svensson opens in Bildmuseet

[2011-05-02] Katarina Pierre is the new Director of Bildmuseet

[2011-05-25] Summer exhibitions opens at Bildmuseet

[2011-05-25] Everyone has the right to be safe

[2011-05-25] Spare Time

[2011-05-25] Edith Marie Pasquier / 13 983 birds

[2011-06-07] Artists from four countries gives lectures at Bildmuseet

[2011-06-22] Bildmuseet top-ranked in this year's Reko Report